For Students

If you clicked on this page, you're probably a student. Hello students! Below please find some information about senior project advising, some reason why you should consider majoring in philosophy (if you haven't already!), and links to good philosophy internet content.

Senior Project Advising

At Cal Poly,  all students are required to complete a senior project to graduate. This is an expression of the university's ethos: learn by doing. For philosophy majors, learn by doing means doing philosophy! The senior project for philosophy majors consists of writing a substantial research paper under the supervision of a tenured or tenure-track faculty member.  I am happy to supervise senior projects on a number of topics related to my areas of specialization and competence. Please see below for lists of the topics of current and past senior projects I've supervised.

Upcoming, Current, and Past Senior Project Topics:

Theistic Metaethics

David Lewis's Theory of Causation

Is Beauty Objective?

Free Will and Mental Health

Physicalism and Agency

Does Moral Responsibility Require Abilities to do Otherwise?